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Wayne Kealohi Powell
Indie Pop Singer Songwriter,
Author, Urban Shaman, Minister
Wayne Powell is trusting Divine Love to heal many hearts through his songs & his books.

His song writing is medicine for the full romantic expression of "falling in and out of love", with 
an underlying message to be true to your own GENTLED HEART in learning to  BE LOVE...

Having lived in Kauai, Hawaii since 1988, Wayne's music also has exquisitely beautiful Soundscapes for healing troubled hearts with gorgeous melodies, harmonies and uplifting nature sounds. 

From Inspiring Folk-Rock to Hawaiian-style music with nature sounds, from Uplifting Country, to Rock-n-Roll, from Devotional songs to Smooth Jazz, there's so much variety in Wayne's music, that everyone will find something that feeds their soul, and they will wanna hear it over and over!

Wayne is now editing and mastering his 
with 10 NEW Songs to be released 
early in the Spring of 2022. 

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